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                      2. 43 Folders

                        Merlin’s weekly podcast with Dan Benjamin. We talk about creativity, independence, and making things you love.

                        Join us via , , or at .

                        ”What’s 43 Folders?”
                        2weo4uk.icu盛世棋牌 is ’s website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.

                        The Merlin Show

                        Video: John Roderick on String Art Owls, Copper Pipe, and Bono's Boss

                        [jump to video]

                        Long story (not very) short? One night in 2003--after killing it盛世棋牌 in front of audience of about 30 lucky people in Oakland-- needed a place to crash, and my wife and I were happy to oblige. 

                        So, they drove their Big Stinky Blue Van over the bridge, slept on our floor, and by breakfast the next morning, it'd become clear to me that I'd provided lodging to a man who was not only very盛世棋牌 likely a member of my --he was also one of the smartest bullshit artists I'd ever met. 

                        盛世棋牌Almost eight years later, although I don't see him nearly as much as I'd like, I still count the guy as one of my best pals ever.

                        盛世棋牌That's John Roderick.

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                        The Merlin Show: John Roderick, Jesse Thorn, true HD, plus a cool new Flash player

                        Over on my video podcast, , we recently our epic from (n.b.: is my favorite episode of the show so far). And, just yesterday, we in a six (6) part visit with America's Radio Sweetheart, , who's the host of the nationally syndicated public radio program (and, arguably, the best podcast [] in America), . (And now I can't stop saying "webmobisode" -- damn you, Jesse Thorn).

                        I hope you'll if you haven't visited with us in a while. Plus -- thanks to the generous nerd skillz of our friends over at -- you can now watch each and every episode of The Merlin Show from the comfort of this handy dandy Flash viewer. (Note that you can jump to any episode by clicking on "GUIDE"). And, yes, please do feel free to "SHARE" this far and wide.

                        盛世棋牌And, finally, please consider in iTunes or via the podcatcher of your choice. As of , the of the feed goes out at full-on HD 720p (thanks, s!).

                        Subscribe to The Merlin Show... iTunes Democracy Others
                        Standard, iPod-compatible version
                        (320 x 176 pixels)
                        Hi-resolution, Apple TV-compatible version
                        (most eps: 854 x 480 pixels,
                        later eps: 1280 x 720 pixels)

                        TMS: John Roderick, Chris Wetherell, and John Vanderslice

                        The last week or so of has featured three fun interviews with independent musicians -- talking about Macs, handling email, and figuring out how to get paid. Stop by for visits with , , and (or view the videos right here, after the jump...)

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                        TMS: The Mountain Goats' Peter Hughes

                        In , Merlin talks with of about the logistics of wired touring, keeping a tour diary on LiveJournal, and why The Mountain Goats don't have a MySpace page.

                        More links and info in .

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                        Vox Pop: Want HD video from iTunes and Apple TV?

                        Since the new can handle video up to HD's resolution, there's been a lot of speculation about whether the will eventually start selling HD content, such as TV shows and movies. You can bet that the desire for that quality of presentation is theoretically out there (at least it is for this HD TV owner). The problem, as many folks have discussed at length, is that the file size盛世棋牌 for HD movies, in particular, may be prohibitively large for the garden-variety home broadband user.

                        As Greg Keene , "With simple math, we can extrapolate that a 2-hour movie would be about 3.9 GB." That's not only a substantially lengthy download for, say, a residential DSL subscriber, it also represents the investment of over 10% of the available space on the Apple TV's drive (as well as, it should be noted, an equivalent chunk of space back on your Mac or PC's disk).

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                        Robert Daeley on configuring for QS proxies

                        盛世棋牌Robert Daeley has posted an excellent appendix to yesterday's .

                        Because, like most Quicksilver power users, I run the app in full-bore, bleeding-edge mode with all the plug-ins installed, I tend to leave out some of the rubber-chicken-waving that new users need to go through to make advanced features work properly. Robert picks up the slack nicely with . Many thanks!

                        Merlin Mann’s new episode of the Merlin Show posted yesterday teaches very powerful Quicksilver-Fu, enabling you to access the menu items of any application, as well as introducing the concept of proxies. These techniques belie the mistaken impression that Quicksilver is “merely” a program launcher — it is an application master. ;)

                        盛世棋牌What isn’t clear in the ‘cast is the settings, downloads, and brand of incense you need to burn in order to make all of that happen. I’m pretty sure the below covers everything, but let me know if I missed something.


                        The Merlin Show: Quicksilver proxies for application menus

                        Many of the most diehard fans don't know "proxy objects" even exist. Proxies are a sexy way to build actions and triggers around abstract QS items such as "Current Application," "Finder Selection," "Album Now Playing," and even meta-stuff like "Last Command" and "Quicksilver Selection."

                        By making a trigger to "Show Menu Items" in the "Current Application," you can get Quicksilver-based access to almost any pull-down menu in a given OS X app. In , I show you how to bring this fast access to any of the bajillion drop-down menu items in .

                        If you enjoy The Merlin Show, please consider subscribing for free or , or just point the "podcatacher" of your choice at .

                        The War of Art, and JoCo on becoming a "true person"

                        I first heard about from during our GTD podcast series last year. I finally picked up a copy a couple months back and read it in an evening. Like a lot of self-help books, it's longer than it needs to be (and it's not actually very long to begin with), but it does make some great points about what its author calls "resistance."

                        Resistance can be thought of as anything that pulls us away from doing the work we know is most important to us. It takes many forms (including procrastination, fear, distraction, and negative self-talk), but the effect is often similar: we find or permit all kinds of barriers to keep us from becoming the person we want to be, or from completing the thing we really want to make. Whether that's being a published author, a composer, a playwright, or a painter, our impulse to create constantly battles an impulse to do something else, or to do nothing -- to not upset our weirdly comfy stasis.

                        盛世棋牌This book came up twice in my recent interview with ; both in and today's recently released . Jonathan strikes me as someone who has, so far, succeeded at talking down the resistance he'd faced, and now he's doing what he's great at, and, in his words, he's working hard to become the kind of "true person" that he wants to be for his daughter.

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                        TMS: Screencast on Quicksilver's "Comma Trick"

                        For fans, today's episode of includes a short screencast on how to do the (still-surprisingly-little-known) Comma Trick.

                        (Hint:盛世棋牌 As a Mac OS X screen demo, this is an episode you may prefer to )

                        (Sharp-eyed? How can you tell this wasn't the first take? :-) )

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                        Merlin used to crank. He’s not cranking any more.

                        This is an essay about family, priorities, and Shakey’s Pizza, and it’s probably the best thing he’s written. »

                        Scared Shitless

                        Merlin’s scared. You’re scared. Everybody盛世棋牌 is scared.

                        This is the video of Merlin’s keynote at Webstock 2011. The one where he cried. You should watch it. »

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